July 8

Part 6 printed – UTILLE is completed!

Teil 6 kam gerade aus dem Druck und damit geht die Geschichte zu Ende. Kann über meinen Online Shop bestellt werden.

Part 6 just came from the printer and so the story ends. It can be ordered via my online shop.

March 8

UTILLE pt. 5 is there!

Utille part 5 ist fertig und kann im Online Shop bestellt werden.

Utille pt. 5 is finished and can be ordered via the online shop.

November 20

UTILLE bei Sieben auf einen Strich

Ich habe für das Projekt ‘Sieben auf einen Strich’ ein paar Fragen beantwortet. Hier geht’s zum →Interview.


October 4

Riso Print Postcards & Posters

Es gibt jetzt Utille Riso Postkarten und -Poster im Online Shop. Nur wenige verfügbar, alles Unikate 🙂

There are now Utille Riso printed postcards and posters in the online shop. Each one is unique, only very few available 🙂

September 29

Utille @German Comic Con Berlin 2019

August 20

Utille #4 is there!

Utille Teil 4 is da und bestellbar im Online Shop!

Utille part 4 is out and available via the online shop!

June 19

Utille @Comic Con Germany Stuttgart 2019

Besucht mich auf der Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart vom 29.-30. Juni bei Stand 1L40A!

Come visit me at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart on June 29-30 at table 1L40A!

June 9

Utille @Ginco Award

Utille ist für den Ginco Award in der Kategorie Bester Kinder-/Jugendcomic nominiert!

Utille is shortlisted for the Ginco Award in the category Best Kids/Youth comic!

May 12

Utille @Comic Invasion Berlin 2019

Me and Timrobot shared a table at Comic Invasion Berlin 2019


May 10

Part 3 is out!

Teil 3 ist jetzt fertig und erhältlich auf Comicmessen (siehe events rechts) oder im Online Shop.

Part 3 is out now, you can get it at comic events (check events section at the right) or via my online shop.



April 13

UTILLE @JenaCo 2019

UTILLE is presented at JenaCo Convention for Anime, Cosplay and Comics in Jena.


February 21


1000+ subscribers reached @LineWebtoon

February 10

Webcomic news

1000+ subscribers reached @Tapas

February 7

Spotlight on Tapas

Utille gets featured on the main page @Tapas


January 23

webcomic news

webcomic user ratings reach 9.5/10 @LineWebtoon

January 17

Webcomic News

webcomic hits 500+ subscribers @LineWebtoon

December 22

Utille issue #2 magazine released

Teil #2 von Utille is da, bestellbar im →Online Shop.

Issue #2 of Utille is out, available to order in the →online shop.


November 30


webcomic hits 500+ subscribers @Tapas

November 22


UTILLE in featured section @Tapas

November 17

Webcomic launch

UTILLE webcomic launch @Tapas / @Line Webtoon

October 20

Utille issue #1 magazine released

Teil #1 von Utille is da, bestellbar im →Online Shop.

Issue #1 of Utille is out, available to order in the →online shop.



October 20

Utille @German Comic Con Berlin 2018

UTILLE is first publicly presented at German Comic Con 2018 in Berlin.




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